2.5 Identify your Target Audience

Target your Messaging

Know Your Target

Now that you have a plan, it is important to study your strategy-specific target audience. Do you want to approach people based on their ...

  • ... age group?

  • ... social class?

  • ... nationality?

  • ... language?

  • ... profession or industry?

  • ... travel destination?

  • ... travel budget?

  • ... interests or hobbies?

The answer to this question lies in the path you chose in the previous section. It will allow you to shape your messaging in the most effective way and stimulate your audience with the right triggers. Let's examine some examples:


Distributing flyers in a central-European university. Either within classrooms or directly face-to-face.

Target Audience

Young students with limited budgets, but a great desire to travel around the world for experiences.

Key Messaging

  • Focus on nearby destinations like Budapest. Very few students will be able to afford a trip to e.g. Shanghai.

  • Think about making references to the university. Something like "Special Discount for Students".

  • Emphasize on the Discount Codes.

  • Market the desire of making new experiences.

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