2. Prize Pool of $24,000 Each Round

The LockTrip Affiliate League is a core element that differentiates us from other programs. In addition to functioning as a strong supportive force in building successful affiliate careers, it also makes the program a lot more fun and dynamic.

The concept of the league is simple. The more bookings you refer, the higher your score becomes. All participants will be ranked by their score in a publicly accessible leader-board, which is updated in real-time.

You can improve your ranking by joining a team. Read more

Once a round starts, you have 2 months to grow your score as much as you can in order to out-compete others. Once the 2 months are over, all rankings are reset and a new round starts from scratch.

Each round features a generous prize pool of $20,000 in cash and $4,000 worth of gift cards.



Rank 1

$10,000 in Cash

Rank 2

$5,000 in Cash

Rank 3

$2,500 in Cash

Rank 4

$1,500 in Cash

Rank 5

$1,000 in Cash

Rank 6

$500 in Gift Cards

Rank 7

$480 in Gift Cards

Rank 8

$460 in Gift Cards

Rank 9

$440 in Gift Cards

Rank 10

$420 in Gift Cards

Rank 11

$400 in Gift Cards

Rank 12

$380 in Gift Cards

Rank 13

$360 in Gift Cards

Rank 14

$340 in Gift Cards

Rank 15

$320 in Gift Cards

Prizes grow exponentially for the top 5 ranks, which makes it especially attractive for team-building. Activity can be shaped strategically, since scores are updated in real-time.

In addition to the prize structure mentioned above, there are also great prizes and invaluable perks waiting to be unlocked through your League Level. More on that topic will be shared soon.

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