2.2 How to Build a Landing Page

In this article we show how to create and edit a landing page (LP). Here is what you will learn:

  1. Choose the name of a new LP;

  2. Upload Featured image;

  3. Add and edit texts;

  4. More about paragraphs;

  5. Upload images;

  6. Embed videos;

  7. Use deep links and images to create custom thumbnails to hotels;

  8. Use the Hotel card tool to create thumbnails to hotels;

  9. The horizontal line;

  10. Make a language switch for multilingual pages;

  11. Discount codes on LPs;

  12. The Loot box;

  13. SEO of a landing page;

  14. Tools to track your campaign;

  15. Save your LP;

  16. Delete your LP.

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