7 Pillars of Affiliate Support

LockTrip is Fully Committed to Grow your Career

We know that building an affiliate career takes time and energy. Wouldn't it be nice to have a strong hand supporting you on your path?

At LockTrip we view our affiliates as equal partners, which is also reflected by the support we commit towards each individual. The more you invest into your career, the more we will assist and supplement your activities. Let's dive into the seven pillars of support.

1. Financial Support

The best strategy won't yield any results if it is not financially sustainable. This is why we are offering our affiliates a 3% commission on every referred booking. It allows you do grow your business by steadily reinvesting your income and trying new things.

But the story doesn't end there. LockTrip is determined to strengthen you through multiple layers of financial support.

1.1 Free Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to introduce customers to a product or service. They significantly improve conversion rates and make it easier to sell. However, we know that you don't want to take any risk by financing gift cards upfront, without having any guarantee of future returns.

To aid affiliates through the introduction phase of a new customer, we provide an unlimited amount of free gift cards, which you can utilize to boost your conversion rates. You can distribute one-time discounts of up to 6% at no upfront cost and without taking any financial risk - made possible by LockTrip.

We free you from upfront financial risk for high conversion rates.

1.2 LockTrip Affiliate League

Developing a successful strategy is one of the most important tasks that affiliates have to master. Once you have found a method that works, what should you do? Scaling requires capital, which may take time to re-capture through your referrals. That's where LockTrip comes into play again!

Through the LockTrip Affiliate League we directly inject capital to those who have proven their ability to attract referrals and are now working towards scaling their activities.

We support you in high-value investments and boosting your growth.

1.3 Special Rewards

Growing your career takes time. Time that allows you to trial & error while polishing your campaign. Most people do not fail because they've done something wrong, but because they gave up before even trying. This is why we have designed a detailed reward structure, which has two main purposes:

  1. Guiding you on your path to reduce the time it takes from start to success. Completing small and achievable tasks, which will unlock special rewards and further support you financially.

  2. Motivating you with each milestone or task completed. Sometimes a small gift that validates your efforts is all it takes to carry on!

We offer incentives to guide and motivate you.

2. Advisory Support

What sets us apart from the industry is our hyper-focused approach on micro-managing each of our affiliates. We recognize our responsibility to be the best mentors that we can possibly be. Below you can find some of the paths we have developed to fulfill this task.

2.1 LockTrip Academy

LockTrip Academy makes up the foundation of our advisory role. It consists of valuable content and course-like explanations for any marketing related topic you seek to learn more about. The know-how we provide is normally sold with courses behind expensive pay-walls.

We know that your time is valuable and better spent in mastering your campaign than in searching for all the lessons, many of which you may not even be aware they exist. We know that your money is better spent in growing your career than in paid courses.

We give you access to deep know-how and free courses.

2.2 Individual Assistance

Understanding something in theory and being able to apply that knowledge are two very different things. At the end we are all human and need practical experience to fully understand how things work. This is why we are committed to provide you with individually tailored assistance.

If you want to take advantage of this service, simply complete our registration form. The information you share with us makes up the basis of which we will proactively assist. Have you decided on your personal affiliate strategy? Consult with us. Do you seek feedback regarding your content or website? Just let us know. You won't be alone on this journey.

Hint: We will soon get in touch with all affiliates, who have filled in the registration form.

We provide tailored advise and feedback to prevent mistakes before they can happen.

2.3 Knowledge Base

LockTrip is the central piece of it's affiliate network. Thanks to the time we take for each individual affiliate, we are able to gather extensive experience from all network participants combined. Learning from success and failure alike allows us to build a valuable knowledge base and distribute that know-how across the network.

If you believe that you have a good idea for your own strategy, it is very likely that someone else came up with a similar idea before and that a certain set of improvements were developed based on collective trial & error. Having access to such information saves valuable time and resources.

We grow a collective knowledge-base to strengthen the network.

2.4 Mentorship Program

Humankind has always advanced by learning from the successful, because some techniques can only be acquired from those who have applied them before. This is why we've built a unique communication channel between advanced and newly joined affiliates through our Mentorship Program.

Regardless of your experience level, you get the chance to connect with the most experienced affiliates of the network. They will act as mentors and invest their time into your career. Make sure to utilize this gift effectively to strengthen your campaign. And who knows? One day you may become a mentor too!

We connect you with the most experienced affiliates.

3. Technical Support

Today's marketing can't do well without having a solid technical infrastructure. Some affiliates have the technical know-how to design their own website and advanced marketing tools. But don't be worried if that sounds too complicated to you. We've got you covered with all the essential tools you need!

3.1 Custom Landing Pages

If you want to reach and convert new users, you will need a landing page with optimized content for your specific target audience. Usually such content is hosted on a private website, designed to funnel the traffic towards the product website. However, such websites usually require upfront financial investment, considerable amount of time for planning, and technical knowledge for optimization.

At LockTrip we offer a turnkey solution that allows you to skip all these steps described above and directly proceed with your most vital task: creating content and reaching people. You can create as many landing pages as you like for free and without making any commitment.

We equip you with free and powerful landing pages, tailored towards your unique requirements.

3.2 Custom Gift Cards

We made a short introduction into gift cards in section 1.1 above. Gift cards can be both in the form of digital referral links and alphanumerical code. A carefully developed generator tool allows you to design and generate custom gift cards specifically optimized for your personal affiliate strategy. Instead of a one-size fits all approach, we decided to empower you with the flexibility you need.

We equip you with great flexibility when it comes to shaping your tools.

4. Analytic Support

Good strategies don't just emerge out of nowhere. They are the result of extensive testing and data-backed decisions. At LockTrip we know the importance of high quality data, which is why we put a special emphasis in equipping you with the necessary analytic tools.

The biggest enemy of analytics is not knowing what you are actually measuring. In order to gather high quality data, you first need to know where a certain data point belongs to. Mixing multiple strategies or campaigns into a single data set will make it impossible to isolate specific effects.

With LockTrip's analytics you can generate unique referral links for different campaigns. This dramatically improves data quality and allows for effective A/B testing. The same methodology also applies to gift cards. Your custom generator has the option to generate unique links/code that can be tracked separately.

Track each of your campaigns separately.

4.2 Advanced Analytics

LockTrip affiliates have access to a variety of powerful analytic tools. Every referral link, gift card and landing page offers unique insights into interactions with potential new referrals. In addition to what we offer as default, we also make it possible for you to integrate your own analytic tools such as Facebook's Pixel into core products like our landing pages.

Gather useful analytic data.

4.3 Identifying Weak Spots

Gathering data is important, but does not mean much on its own. What's more important than having the data is to know how to interpret it. At LockTrip it is part of our job to help you with that process. Through our individual assistance program described in section 2.2. we also discuss analytic data with you in regular sessions.

Which campaigns hold promise? What are the weak spots? What refinements are needed to get the best out of your setup? We compare your data with the average performance across the network and help you draw conclusions.

We help you interpret your analytic data.

5. Content Support

Starting to work on your content? As with every step so far, we won't leave you on your own. We provide you with public testimonials, visual materials and examples of how to proceed.

5.1 Public Testimonials

Nothing is as convincing as real and authentic testimonials. Many affiliates like to strengthen their message by including a few selected examples of satisfied customers. We at LockTrip support this by building a database of high quality testimonials and giving our affiliates access to it.

You can either use them visually or include them in text format in your content. Feel free to link the source wherever possible to make it even more authentic and verifiable.

Access our database of high quality testimonials.

5.2 Visual Materials

We also provide you with visual material to enrich your communication with your target audience. From our company logo, banner and gift card designs, up to photos of listed hotels - Just let us know what you need and we will do our best to assist.

Access to various kinds of visual material.

5.3 Examples of Great Content

LockTrip Academy not only teaches you theoretical knowledge, but also enriches that knowledge with actual production samples.

In addition to this in-house approach, we also source well done work from our affiliate network to showcase specific elements in action. These examples can guide you in your thought process, but should not be copied for your own work.

Access to real world examples of great content.

6. Creative Support

Running out of ideas? We've got your back covered! It is essential to base your career on a strong strategy. The strength can either come from applying a model that has a long track record of successful application, or it can arise from combining elements in a completely new way. It is in our interest to support our affiliates in both areas.

6.1 Circulating New Ideas

There are endless ways to accomplish a goal. The key to success is to find a great combination of tools/strategies that works best for you. Often it is the case that during the process of brainstorming you come up with a powerful idea, which however does not work for your specific situation. It could for example be the perfect fit for someone living in a touristic area.

We at LockTrip aim to circulate these ideas, which are constantly arising within the network, to ensure they reach the right people. But don't worry, We don't do so without permission. We keep secrets when specifically requested.

We circulate powerful ideas and deliver them to those who can make the most of it.

6.2 Sharing Success Stories

If circulating new ideas is the bottom-up approach, sharing success stories can be described as the top-down counterpart.

We've talked about our mentorship program already, but a single mentor can only reach a subset of the affiliate network. Stories of affiliates who made it to the top have the power to inspire new generations and teach them about the most important lessons.

These stories not only reveal the strategies they've followed, but also grant rare insights into their work life.

We share the stories of those who have made it.

6.3 Workshops

Workshops are a great way to collectively discuss new ideas and brainstorm about solutions for existing problems. At LockTrip we offer our affiliates a platform to exchange experiences and work on improvements.

In addition to online work-shops hosted directly by us, we also incentivize mentors to organize them locally. This allows for the emergence of localized affiliate communities and represents a unique opportunity to connect with new affiliates.

We offer a platform for online and local work shops.

7. Audience Support

Last but not least we also stretch out a helping hand when it comes to reaching a wider audience. Some forms we can assist on that topic are outlined below.

7.1 Promotion of Local Guides

As a local guide, you become an important asset to the LockTrip ecosystem. From the perspective of customers, guides add value to their regular travel planning and thus represent an opportunity for synergies. Guides will be displayed on our marketplace in the context of their relevant regions and search results.

At the same time, you can also take advantage of the collective SEO value our marketplace offers. This makes it possible for your profile to show up on Google when someone is searching for a tour in your local area. Tips to improve that likelihood can be found within LockTrip Academy.

We promote Local Guides & Landing Pages.

The same SEO value also applies to landing pages set up with LockTrip. If you write about certain topics, your landing page will be picked up by search engines like Google and Yahoo according to the SEO score of the LockTrip.com domain.

No need to slowly grow your SEO score with a newly created private website. The shortcut we offer will save you a lot of time.

At the same time we also maintain a special section on our marketplace for featured landing pages. Well-written and popular content will be featured on the homepage of the marketplace and be shown to newcomers.

We share our website reach with our affiliates.

7.3 Extensive Affiliate Network

Thanks to our close interaction with affiliates, we also developed a unique feature to distribute great content quickly and efficiently. Affiliates who create appealing content will be rewarded by a boost in their reach.

Not only do we offer the possibility of sharing it on our own social channels, but also to distribute it as part of the daily/weekly sharing task of affiliates and marketplace users. With a single event your content could reach thousands of unique people across the globe.

We animate other affiliates to share your content.

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