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3.2 Niche Websites

1. What are Niche Websites?

A Niche Website is just a website that serves a small segment of a large market by focusing on a common, specific interest. The content and products are designed to address a specific group of people (a “niche market” or “target audience”).
There are several ways to make money from Niche Websites, including through affiliate marketing programs, advertisements, online courses, digital products, advice, sponsored posts, and more.

2. How to build a Niche Website?

  • Brainstorm Niche Ideas;
  • Keyword Research;
  • Pick a Theme;
  • Create a Content Strategy;
  • Social Media Strategies.

a. Brainstorm Niche Ideas

You are all set to dive headfirst into building a brand new website but you realize…, „I don’t have any ideas for a niche!” Unfortunately, this is very common since finding a niche these days can be a harder process than you might expect. Even the best brain-stormers have days where they come up short on ideas. So the question is how to find profitable niche ideas?
Having a successful niche website takes time, effort, and resources no matter how small the market or the competition. Because of this, you should make sure that the niche can be profitable and that content development for the niche is not a terrible, tedious process. If the topic doesn't interest or intrigue you, it will be very difficult to have the right motivation to dominate the niche.

b. Keyword research

You may want to check Google and see if ads show up for the bigger keywords within the niche. If you are not seeing ads then it usually means there is little to no advertising going on within that niche. If you are having trouble figuring out how you'd monetize your niche idea then it may be best to skip the niche altogether. Google trends is usually a great place to start.
Below, we'll look at how you can use Google Trends for keyword research:
  • Understand Keyword Search Volume;
  • Identify Seasonal Trends;
  • Avoid Temporarily Popular Keywords;
  • Find Trending Relevant Topics;
  • Use Trend Predictions;
  • Find Related Queries to Beat the Competition;
Start for your campaign to use niche keywords, which will help you drive qualified traffic and interested leads to your business.
What are niche keywords?
Niche keywords are exceedingly specific keywords that focus on a particular area or industry. These keywords are long-tail keywords, which contain two, three or more words. Niche keywords tend to have a lower search volume because they are specific, but they drive more qualified traffic to your website.
Where do I use niche keywords?
Niche keywords play a critical role in your SEO and PPC campaigns. With SEO, these keywords help you rank in relevant search results. With PPC, choosing niche keywords allows you to reach relevant leads and drive them to your business. When you decide to bid on a niche keyword, you help your ad appear in search results in front of the most qualified leads.

c. Pick a Theme

What are the biggest Travel Trends?
What’s on the radar for travel trends? Old favorites like adventure travel and river cruises continue to grow, while newer travel trends like ancestry travel and wellness retreats gain traction. But the one common thread you can find in almost any trending travel niche: customization. Travelers demand a personalized experience.
Here are some of the biggest Travel Trends
Adventure travel
Alternative Destinations
Ancestry trips
Bespoke Itineraries
BLeisure Trips
Book or Film-Based Tours
Extended Family Vacations
River Cruises
Sustainable Travel
Solo Travel
Wellness Trips
Adventure travel is certainly not a new niche in the travel industry. Diving, trekking, skiing, surfing and other activity-oriented trips have been popular for decades.
The most popular tourist destinations are overcrowded and expensive. Many travelers are choosing to seek out more under-the-radar destinations. This is due to the appealing price tag and the chance to enjoy some lesser-known landmarks. If your travelers are interested in alternatives destinations, recommend for example a multi-city trip.
Ancestry trips are very popular. Its all about discovering your roots. As a result, there is a renewed interest in our heritage. An ancestry or “heritage trip” might be as simple as visiting countries your family emigrated from. Or it could be as elaborate as tracking down relatives through your family tree. You might discover your great, great grandparents’ family farm in Norway or a castle your ancestors once inhabited in Scotland. This is a great niche for travel advisors who are passionate about history and have the right resources to help their clients dig for information.
Bespoke “Trip Designers” is what the newest generation of travel advisors wants to be called. Think of bespoke travel like a finely tailored piece of clothing. A bespoke travel designer gets you the personalized tour, the chef’s table at the restaurant, or the mountain trek on the trail less traveled. It is everything the hordes of tourists are missing out on by going with the first hotel, dining, or sightseeing option they find on Google.
A bleisure trip („business“ und „leisure“) is any type of trip that combines business along with elements of relaxation or leisure. In other words, you can travel for work and do some sightseeing on the side. Employers love it because it is an easy way to keep morale high and incentivize traveling for work. Employees love it because it’s a paid partial vacation. Both the Gen Z and Millennial generations desire to blend their work and personal lives. This is a very good niche to consider. Many businesses may have a substantial budget for traveling and seek the expertise and organization of a professional travel advisor.
Destinations associated with popular books, movies, and TV shows are drawing record numbers of enthusiastic fans. Filming locations are hot booking list destinations. For example "Game of Thrones" fans flock to the many filming locations around the world.
With more of the workforce operating on very flexible schedules (or working from home), it is not uncommon for families to travel for months at a time. You might see a family spending the summer in Europe, or a winter in the warm Carribean. Travel advisors serving this niche have the opportunity to build long-standing relationships with their clients. Top priorities for this market are easy travel schedules, as safe and family-friendly accommodations.
The low-stress, all-inclusive nature of any cruise has appealed to vacation-seekers for generations. However, the cruise trend is slowly steering in favor of river cruises over the large, oceangoing vessels. River cruises tend to be more scenic and focused on exploring the destinations at each port rather than on the activities aboard the vessel. The slow pace and intimate nature of a river cruise are also attractive for today’s cruisers.
Sustainable travel is a broad trend that encompasses many popular niches. It is sometimes a niche in and of itself and sometimes an accompanying aspect of another travel focus. Culinary travel, wellness trips, alternative destinations, and even some adventure tourism are rooted in the sustainable travel movement. Travelers who value sustainability want vendors who seek low environmental impact and give back to local communities.
Here are some other sustainable travel terms travel advisors may see:
  • Eco-travel
  • Ecotourism
  • Environmental tourism
  • Ethical travel
  • Green travel
  • Responsible travel
  • Voluntourism
Solo travel is an incredible way to grow your confidence and experience the world the way you want to. This market is growing fast. Solo travelers want to experience the world on their own, but they don’t necessarily want to tackle the planning alone. Solo travelers value safety, new opportunities, and connections that allow them to meet new people.
While a quarter of trips today include a “wellness” aspect, the specific parameters of wellness trips are difficult to define. This is, perhaps, due to the fact that the term wellness is trendy, rapidly evolving, and applied to physical, mental and emotional health alike. One traveler might seek wellness by taking a solo trip to explore and recharge. Another might hope to detox or participate in physical activity. It will be in travel advisors’ best interest to keep a pulse on this trend as it emerges.
Here are a few things health-conscious travelers are looking for:
  • Beach yoga
  • Culinary experiences
  • Cycling tours
  • Farm-to-table dining
  • Green hotels
  • Group fitness
  • Health-focused cruises
  • Hot spring hikes
  • Spa packages
  • Wellness retreats
  • Yoga retreats

d. Create a Content Strategy

In your niche content strategy, you'll plan the type of content that makes sense for your audience, and determine how you'll create and distribute that content to maximize impact. Get to know your audience, create valuable and readable content, and then work on getting it seen.

e. Social Media Strategies

Some of the most popular platforms for social media strategies are:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
Here is a guide how to implement social media strategies:


Niche Websites for positioning in small, profitable market segments are a great way to make your LockTrip campaigns successful. Take advantage of niches that are ignored or neglected by others.