2.3 Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks you can apply on your landing pages to improve the conversion rate or click-through rate:

1. Choose a topic for your Landing Page, considering your location and experience

Try to think about a story (topic) that you can tell from personal experience. This is a very strong psychological trigger (the authority trigger) that "triggers" the customer to follow your instructions (CTA) later on the landing page.

2. Decide on the psychological triggers you could use

Psychology is your weapon in selling, and the psychological triggers are the "bullets" used to "convince" the customer to buy. Psychology is the magic that increases conversions and sales.

Short list of psychological triggers:

  1. Tell a story;

  2. Authority;

  3. Social proof;

  4. Curiosity;

  5. Simplicity;

  6. Senses;

  7. Novelty;

  8. Quality graphics;

  9. Color;

  10. Sell benefits, not features;

  11. Reciprocity;

  12. Create shortage;

Choose and focus on the psychological triggers that work best for you.

More about the psychology of selling and the psychological triggers you can read here.

The Featured Image is the Hero Image on your landing page and should support the Main Headline. Think about the psychological triggers when deciding what image is suitable.

4. Make the Headline short and to the point

Remember that most of your visitors will read just the Headline and then they will decide to read further or to leave the page. Studies suggest a Main Headline of around 6 words works best.

5. Use Hotel Cards wisely

Always set them up to target your audience. For example if you target couples you will setup the hotel card to show 2 ppl in the default search.

Here are some topics with hotel cards that could be used for your localized pages:

  • Top X hotels with best discounts;

  • Top X hotels with the best swimming pool;

  • Top X hotels with the best SPA;

  • Top X hotels with golf course;

  • Top X hotels with the best wines;

  • Top X hotels with best dinner cousin;

  • Top X Hard Rock hotels;

  • Top X hotels with Jazz bars;

  • Top X Rocker hotels;

  • Top X hotels in Victorian buildings;

  • Top X hotels with view to Historical monuments;

  • Top X HollyWood/Movie star hotels;

  • Top X Modern style hotels;

  • Top X family friendly hotels;

  • Top X dog friendly hotels;

  • Top X hotels with helicopter landing pads, etc.

Update the list of hotel cards once per week, so that you have the most relevant to your topic hotels on your landing page.

6. Sell benefits, not features

Instead of just pointing out a feature, tell the customer what is the benefit for him, related to the feature.

7. Use comparisons to support your story

Customers love comparisons, it is wise to first mention Locktrip and then the competition. Never post links to competitors, this may distract you customer from your CTA.

8. Use customer reviews to support your story

If available you could post reviews of your customers. Never use fake images, or fake reviews, customers will notice this and hate it.

9. Use a closing image to support your story

This image is usually used as an additional trigger before the CTA. You may use a psychological trigger different from the triggers you already used before.

10. Craft a Killer Call to Action

If you’re still using “Submit” as your call to action, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Calls to action are incredibly important. They can mean the difference between a bounce and a conversion, yet so many advertisers don’t seem to give them more than a few minutes consideration. Without a strong CTA, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your landing page is.

Studies suggest that verbs like "Get", "Try", "Click for details" or "Check details" outperform boring terms like "View" or "Submit".


  • Use more action verbs! (ie: Learn, Get, Try, Plan, Discover)

  • Place your CTAs around the copy that describes the “benefits” of your service

  • Don’t promise anything –> instead, paint a picture for them

  • Use the K.I.S.S. method: “Keep it simple sweetie!” (Short & Simple CTAs are best!)

  • Make sure they stand out! (Use color, bold, or italicize the font or buttons)

  • Location of your CTAs are super important! (Like, don’t put them everywhere… seriously)

11. Make A/B testing

Split testing (A/B testing) is useful to improve the click-through of the landing pages. It is difficult to test just everything, it makes sense to test things you are in doubt about.

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