3.1 Discuss Your Strategy

A - Present Your Strategy

You are now ready to present your strategy to LockTrip and (if you like) others with expertise. We have set up an affiliate forum, which will allow you to source feedback from the entire network.

It is important to get an external opinion, because we as humans tend to base our thoughts on certain assumptions. Often we don't even realize this and fail to check them for plausibility. And sometimes we do check, but lack the experience to asses correctly.

You might for example intuitively assume that the German speaking countries have similar characteristics and should therefore be targeted uniformly. But did you know that the Swiss GDP per capita is almost twice as high as the German?

Such nuances are frequently disregarded. And while many of them will turn out to be insignificant, it is always good to double-check with someone else.

Please include all relevant information when communicating your strategy, so that we can provide high quality feedback.

Feel free to submit two or more strategies, which you want to give a try.

B - Feedback from LockTrip

After receiving your submission, we will analyze and get back to you as quickly as possible. The processes we will go through include the following:

  • Checking your assumptions (see above)

  • Checking for overall plausibility

  • Comparing with attempts of other affiliates, who may have tried a similar approach

  • Identifying weak spots and providing suggestions

  • Simplifying where possible

Our goal is to support and maximize your chances for success, while at the same time preventing you from wasting time and money on avoidable mistakes.

C - Fine Tune & Apply Feedback

The feedback we provide will consist of suggestions, of which some will be easier to implement than others. At the end it is up to you to decide on how to proceed.

Skipping this step is a common mistake among passionate individuals.

We understand that you want to get going as quickly as possible. But our recommendation is to take the time and solve possible bottlenecks before starting with the work. That being said, don't try to micro-manage too much into the details. Trial & error will be much more effective on that front!

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