4.2 How to Team Up

Forming Teams

If you want to form or join a team, you need to do so within the first 10 days of each round. Once this time period has passed, there is no way to change team constellations.

The same also applies for the process of dissolving teams. Once you are in a team, it is impossible to dissolve it until the round has been finalized.

Choose your partners wisely. Interchanging them in the midst of a round will not be an option.

  • Teams will be created upon request. Simply notify your LockTrip supervisor with the desired team name and the members you would like to invite.

  • Invitations will be shown in the affiliate dashboard and must be accepted within the 10-day period mentioned above.

Dissolving Teams

Teams will be dissolved at the end of each round. This allows for a fluid dynamic among affiliates, as you get the opportunity to select new partners and optimize your chances based on past performance.

Of course, you can also keep your team and build on your proven success.

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