3. Scoring System

In the previous section you learned about the $10,000 in prize money you can earn yourself. But how exactly does the scoring system work? And how can new-comers actually compete against those, who started acquiring referrals months ago?

In this article we want to explore the scoring system of the LockTrip Affiliate League.

3.1 Fundamentals

The basis of your league score is simple and straightforward. You get 1 point for every USD your referred bookings are worth. A single $300 booking of your referral will thus yield 300 points. If the booking was paid in other currencies, the equivalent value will be calculated at the moment of booking.


Your referral books a stay and pays 500 EUR at a rate of 1 EUR = 1.13 USD. The booking is thus worth $565 and you will be assigned 565 points.

5001.13=565500 * 1.13 = 565

This calculation is final at the moment of booking. Your score won't grow/shrink with the EUR/USD rate changing afterwards.

Bookings from level 2 referrals (referrals of your referrals) won't count towards your score.

3.2 Cap per Referral

Each referral is capped in regards to how many points it can yield. The default cap is 1,000 points, which grows by 50 points for every additional paying referral.

This means your first referral will be able to yield a maximum of 1,000 points, regardless of how many bookings were placed. If you acquire a second referral, your cap will grow to 1,050 points, which also applies retroactively. Both your first and second referrals will now yield up to 1,050 points each.

Let's examine a few examples.

Consider the following referral situation.


Booking Value

Point Yield



500 Points



1,100 Points



1,100 Points



2,700 Points

3 unique paying referrals equate to a cap of 1,100 per referral. Since the cap applies retroactively, it allows for referral #2 to yield its full potential.

3.3 The Two Phases

To exemplify, we will assume a new round starts on June 1.

A) Active Phase (Jun 1 - Jul 31)

The active phase describes the 2 months each round lasts, and within you have the opportunity to grow your score.

  • All participants start with a score of 0 and a default cap of 1,000 points/referral.

  • Only referrals, who were acquired within the active phase will yield points. In this example, referrals acquired prior to June 1 or after July 31 will not contribute towards your league score.

This ensures that newly joined affiliates have equal chances.

  • Only bookings with a check-in date before the end of the cool-down phase will be counted towards your score. In our example this marks September 30.

  • Cancelled bookings will not count towards your total score.

The active phase concludes on July 31 and the leader-board will be frozen at that moment.

B) Cool-down Phase (Aug 1 - Sept 30)

The cool-down phase lasts for 2 months and is a passive phase. Since bookings with a check-in date up to September 30 were counted towards the total score, the system is now tracking each of the bookings for possible cancellations.

This means that scores on the leader-board can only go down in the cool-down phase, since no new bookings are accepted, but cancellations are subtracted.

The leader-board may change significantly based on cancellations. Don't give up fighting for your rank.

Participants, who try to discourage competitors by placing fake bookings, only to cancel them in the cool-down period, will be disqualified.

At the end of the cool-down period, the leader-board will be finalized and all prizes will be distributed.

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