2.1 Identify Your Unique Strengths

Before you can start thinking about your affiliate strategy, you first need to think about yourself. This may sound distracting at first, but to some extent the strategy will find you and not the other way around. There may be certain limitations as well as opportunities that arise from your skills, character or work management.

It is important to emphasize that these limitations do not limit your potential. They only become limits if you ignore them while choosing your strategy. On the other hand, if you make yourself aware of them, they will act as a guide and help you in drafting your personal career.

A - Social Skills

Some strategies require strong social skills to unfold their full strength. If you want to engage with people on the street and introduce them to LockTrip verbally, you should have some skills in convincing people and capturing their attention. If you don't have these, it may be worth exploring a different route or training yourself first.

Many people think they are bad at certain things, even though they never tried. Don't conclude before trying!

You tried and it didn't work? No worries! You don't need to completely write off your strategy. In the above example you could reduce the verbal component and focus on maximizing the number of flyers you can distribute per hour.

Maybe you are good at leaving a friendly impression at first sight? This will increase the rate of people accepting your flyer! There are endless ways to shape things to your advantage. Know your cards and play them well.

We have listed a few examples of how you can further utilize your social skills below.

Do you have great communication skills and a broad range of contacts?

Divide your contacts into certain target groups and prepare optimized messaging for each of them. Identify those who may be interested in becoming affiliates themselves and invite them to a coffee to explore opportunities.

Do you love to travel and take professional pictures?

Create an Instagram account and share your experiences visually. Mention the savings you are getting with each trip and invite your followers to do so as well. Make heavy use of gift cards as Instagram does not allow for clickable links within posts.

Do you like to meet new people spontaneously?

Always have printed gift cards with you and introduce your new friends to LockTrip in a fun conversation. Prepare scripted topics that you can quickly fall back to when you suspect them being receptive of your pitch.

Do you have difficulties in summarizing things in a short manner?

If you suspect a short attention span of your target audience and you are unable to wrap things up, just touch on the most important points and send them a link or email with follow-up materials. Focus on your own experience with LockTrip and how much you were able to save.

There are endless ways to shape your communication. If you are unsure about what fits best to you, just let us know through your personal assistance channel.

B - Marketing Skills

Most people don't have specific marketing skills, which is nothing to worry about in the context of affiliate marketing. All you need to know can be learned from LockTrip Academy and in exchanged with other affiliates.

However, there is no doubt that having some professional background and experience in that area will have a positive impact.

Do you have experience with SEO optimization?

Target niche groups with dedicated content and/or use our custom landing pages to interlink relevant marketplace search results. Try to engage with the growing crypto audience and utilize our crypto payment feature as a bait for your targeted campaigns. Create a unique campaign for each supported coin.

Do you have experience with social media marketing?

Select your platform and find a branded theme for your page. Share price comparisons periodically and invite your followers to confirm your findings. Make sure to convey a short and powerful message. Focus on interactions and authenticity.

Are you well-connected with Influencers?

Become a LockTrip agent, invite your contacts to become LockTrip affiliates, and profit from their activity at scale.

Everyone does marketing. Only a few make it their career.

Even if you've never been paid for professional marketing, you're always marketing something whether you want to or not. Let's examine some examples:

  • Talking about a great restaurant you recently visited

  • Carrying branded clothes

  • Recommending a certain service over another

  • Consuming certain products infront of other people

We all recommend products or services we are satisfied with. The difference is how enthusiastic we are in the process and how convincing our description ends up being.

Mastering this type of communication and being authentic in the process is what makes a good marketer. Some strategies require such skills more actively than others. If you don't feel confident in the persuasiveness of your language, it may be a good idea to focus on strategies that allow for that part to be outsourced.

More specifically: Anything that can be pre-produced (reusable content, scripted texts, flyers, static web pages, etc.) can be outsourced as a one-time task to someone who will do better. Anything that needs flexible language or live improvisation on spot (daily blog or vlog posts, regular YouTube videos, face to face interactions, etc.) can not be outsourced as easily.

C - Technical Skills

The dominance of human online activity has made it increasingly attractive to also shift marketing efforts into this domain. Luckily there are plenty of user friendly tools available to assist with various kinds of tasks.

You no longer need to know html code to build a simple website. You also don't need to have advanced technical know-how to setup an ad campaign on Google or Facebook. Regardless, there are still certain benefits of being technically fluent.

In this section we will compare a landing page strategy for those who know how to build a great website (including all the technical tricks) versus a strategy based directly on the easy to use landing pages offered by LockTrip.

Do you know how to build a great website?

Brainstorm about a theme for your website and how to add value to customers. Design website features that serve the added value. Make sure to enrich your website with content not related to LockTrip. Gather emails through a form and do email marketing. Test your search ranking score and work on it. Test your website loading speed and optimize it for a better user experience.

Even if you know how to build a great website, we still recommend to explore our custom landing pages.

You never built a website before?

No need to waste your time and money on learning how to build one. Skip the technical part and start with custom landing pages offered by LockTrip. Focus on content and distribution.

The key difference between the two options is not that one is superior to the other. Both have their unique advantages. The main difference is accessibility. Someone who knows how to build a great website simply has one more option to choose from.

Of course you could also start learning about websites with the help of LockTrip Academy and other sources, however it is important to correctly assess the time, resources, and the risks that come with it. There is no guarantee that the first website you ever built will be a success.

D - Motivation and Discipline

Perhaps the biggest determining factor for your strategy is how regularly you are willing and able to invest your time. Keep in mind: You can follow strategies that do not require much time, but the more you commit, the more options there will be to choose from.

Are you unable to commit regularly?

In this case it would likely be a good idea to cut back on strategies that are primarily based on social media. Algorithms like the ones of Instagram and YouTube reward regular behavior and punish long periods of inactivity. Your post/video reach will be damaged significantly with every pause you make.

An example of a good strategy would be doing networking in selected events or distributing flyers in universities. This can be done at confined time periods and allow you to reach a great number of people within a single session.

You can also reach out to influencers as a LockTrip agent. With this strategy you alone decide on when to commit your time.

Whichever route you take, make sure that your personal strategy is taking regularity into account.

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